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  • COVID Close Contact Policy (updated 12/8/21)


    Dear Impact Families,

    In an effort to provide the medically necessary ABA and Speech services required by our clients and their families, previous COVID policies have been re-evaluated and changed.


    1. Clients benefit when learning occurs face-to-face in a safe environment with qualified service providers.
    2. A high number of students are being sent home as close contacts, while our positive numbers have remained low overall.
    3. Currently, most close contact cases are NOT converting to COVID Positive.
    4. Our focus should remain on symptomatic close contacts as the center’s priority for quarantine.

    Beginning December 8, 2021, Impact will implement the following:

    Modified Close Contact Procedures:

    1. Internal close contact tracing process will continue.
    2. Close contacts who are vaccinated and are NON-symptomatic = no quarantine required, with mask wearing encouraged for adult staff with clients that it does not impede their learning.
    3. Close contacts who are unvaccinated, and NON-symptomatic = no quarantine required.
      1. Close contacts are encouraged to wear a mask in situations that it does not impede the learning of the clients.
      2. Close contacts will be required to conduct daily health and symptom check during the 10 days following the close contact.
    4. Close contact and SYMPTOMATIC…whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.
      1. Following leadership interview with parents, close contact may be given a Rapid Test by parents (parents must administer test).
      2. If close contact is positive, 10-day isolation rules apply as normal.
      3. If close contact is negative, no quarantine required, however, client/staff remains home until symptoms significantly reduced for 24 hours without medication.

    Our leadership team will work closely with close contacts and/or their families.  Whether staff or client, please check in with the leadership team before returning to services.

    We continue to monitor our response to COVID-19 in an effort to best meet the needs of our staff, clients, and families.  If you have questions, please contact the center at 605-206-5004.